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In a fast paced, digital world where primary usage of mobile devices will far exceed desktop, 5iveCubed strives for beautifully designed solutions with seamless user experience and with innovation at the forefront and a lot of passion behind it all.

Having designed for small business clients all the way up to large enterprises, we’re perfectly suited to advise on your mobile, web or mobile web strategy whether that’s a native, responsive or completely bespoke solution.

Services Offered

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is at the heart of 5iveCubed. We believe in co-creating with out customers to build seamless solutions that provide a fantastic user experience and are a joy to use.

Smart Phone

From iPhone to Android and even Windows Phone, we provide user experience and development services, whether it be native or hybrid, whatever best suits your business needs.


With 30%  increase in tablets usage, they are quickly becoming the device for media and website browsing, we know our stuff when it comes to designing and developing for this medium.


Smart phones and tablets may be taking over the world, but there is still a place for web. When it comes to web we ensure we create a rich but user friendly experience that is responsive across smart devices.

Team Members

Femma Ashraf

Femma Ashraf

UX Specialist and Managing Director

Femma is the managing director of 5iveCubed and the lead User Experience Consultant.


  • User Experience 95%
  • Interaction Design 95%
  • User Centred Design 95%
  • Mobile Development 80%
  • Web Development 80%
  • Agile 70%
  • User Research 50%


  • Astronomy
  • Robotics
  • Travelling
  • Literature
  • Writing
  • Music
  • Health and Fitness
  • Volunteering for good causes


I am very pleased with the new clear and concise website designed and implemented by Femma Ashraf.
Following expansion of my fitness business, I needed a website that was clear and easy to navigate for my current clients. It also needed to take new clients on a journey which communicated the ethos of our company and also provided them with clear information of our services and how to access them. Femma understood exactly what we needed and provided a clean website that was easy to navigate for both parties. Since implementing the new website I find that customers have a much clearer process which means I spend less time answering enquiries. I also have a much higher conversion rate for people signing up to my mailing list where I can continue to communicate further products and services we offer
Thanks Femma for making our life easier! Katra Bryson

Co-Founder, 12 Rounds Boxing

Femma is the consummate professional. Highly knowledgeable and helpful in all aspects of the design and service of the site, her great insight and knowhow in website design has gifted me the superb, high quality and user friendly site I now have. With confidence that my clients will be impressed with my online home, I can’t recommend Femma’s services highly enough Ozzie Rodgers

Music Composer, Knives at Sea

Femma is a client of mine and has from the outset, been amazingly helpful in an area far from expertise. Femma has helped take a website that was pretty poorly constructed in terms of both the coding and the usability and produced one that is great. Her knowledge of best practise is brilliant and her application is well thought through, with both the ability to listen to my ideas but able to either argue a case for a better method, or to apply it in a way that works best. Thoroughly recommended, easy to work with, contactable and effective. Paul Stafford

Founder and Personal Trainer, MyFitnessPro


Registration Process on Happify (Mental Health App).

For the past six months, I’ve been working at a mental health organisation as the UX lead for their web based and mobile product. As part of my research process I tend to conduct product evaluations and try out similar products in the market. As a result of this, my Facebook feed has ‘suggested posts’ and it just so happened, yesterday, Happify appeared in my feed. The post indicated that happify was a gamification based tool that can help alleviate mental health issues that one may be experiencing. I thought ‘ooh looks interesting, let’s sign up!’ (I love a bit of gamification). I come onto the landing page and it looks like this: Although there is more information below, I am already sold based on the Facebook advert, so I want to sign up straight away. The first thing I notice are two ‘Call to Actions’. They have very slightly different wording, so I’m thinking ‘which one do I click on?’ It takes a couple of seconds, but I click on the second one. I eventually find out, both CTAs do the same thing. Why name them differently? I always believe that consistency is king! Although in this case, the language pretty much meant the same thing, I still had to spend a few seconds thinking about which one to click on. Just name them the same thing and don’t make me thing too much about it! Once I have clicked on the CTA I am presented with the screen below: I am immediately presented with a what initially appears like will be a set of 6 questions. I...

Mandatory Form Filling on Meetup.com

It’s a nice sunny Sunday morning, and like most Sunday mornings (for those of us who tend not to have much of a lie in) it’s a great time for doing the things you don’t get to do during the week because of work. I decided that before I continue working on my Astronomy dissertation this morning for my Certificate in Astronomy course I would join some User Experience and Tech based meet ups on Meetup.com. This is so I can not only add to my continuous learning but also become involved in the social aspect. I already have a Meetup account for various other meet ups I’m a member of, and generally joining a meet up is an easy process, you find the one you want and you click to join. I searched for User Experience in London and I came across several I was interested in and joined. Most were, as described a ‘one button click’ process. However, there were two in particular that present you with a bunch of profile questions to answer before you can join. This is a massive pet peeve of mine, not only that it is a poor User Experience but it also is a massive barrier to entry. I’m a firm believer that you should let people in, have a look around and then present questions in an unobtrusive manner (i.e don’t pop out at you in a modal dialog) so they can have a think and answer in their own time. In my own experience, I felt as if the questions were sprung on me, they didn’t make a lot of sense and I...

Lunch Bag

Currently we have these really nice looking lunch bags at work. They appear to be very convenient and they pack down nicely, are easily transportable and are supposed to keep your lunch cold. From the outset they look like a good designed and well made product. I asked my boss, who was over from America and had brought her lunch in using the bag, how it faired (as I had taken one for myself and was going to use it for some supplies for my Astronomy class in the evening)? Her response was “It’s nice, only the handle is in the wrong place, so if you have a lot of stuff in there it’s unnerving as it feels like it’s going to fall out”.   I tried this out for myself and it didn’t feel entirely comfortable. I’m not sure how much product testing went into the product, but moving the handle to the top could have massively improved this product without a huge amount of effort. I did some research for similar lunch bags and the handles are correctly placed. Like websites and apps, every day products should always be designed with the user in mind and good user experience at the forefront of it...

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