Knives at Sea

Knives at Sea is a music composing company where Ozzie Rodgers is the London based music composer, producer and artist.

Ozzie’s portfolio spans a wide range of genres from TV, Film, Advertising and Video Games. Although Ozzie uses Soundcloud to host his music, he needed a website with the main feature being his portfolio.

Knives At Sea was created for Ozzie, which is a one page portfolio that show cases Ozzie’s work as well as providing information about Ozzie and how to contact him. The website was created via the content management system WordPress enabling Ozzie to make any content based changes in the future.

The process undertaken to create this website was to gather Ozzie’s business needs and determine what the goals were for the website. Once this had been established, design and layouts were presented to Ozzie, always ensuring that good User Experience was at the forefront of the process.

Through iterative feedback a minimalist, clean and responsive website was created for Knives at Sea.

knivesatsea website

User Experience Design

Software Engineering