Registration Process on Happify (Mental Health App).

Registration Process on Happify (Mental Health App).

For the past six months, I’ve been working at a mental health organisation as the UX lead for their web based and mobile product. As part of my research process I tend to conduct product evaluations and try out similar products in the market. As a result of this, my Facebook feed has ‘suggested posts’ and it just so happened, yesterday, Happify appeared in my feed.

The post indicated that happify was a gamification based tool that can help alleviate mental health issues that one may be experiencing. I thought ‘ooh looks interesting, let’s sign up!’ (I love a bit of gamification).

I come onto the landing page and it looks like this:

Happify Landing Page

Happify Landing Page

Although there is more information below, I am already sold based on the Facebook advert, so I want to sign up straight away. The first thing I notice are two ‘Call to Actions’. They have very slightly different wording, so I’m thinking ‘which one do I click on?’ It takes a couple of seconds, but I click on the second one. I eventually find out, both CTAs do the same thing. Why name them differently? I always believe that consistency is king! Although in this case, the language pretty much meant the same thing, I still had to spend a few seconds thinking about which one to click on. Just name them the same thing and don’t make me thing too much about it!

Once I have clicked on the CTA I am presented with the screen below:



I am immediately presented with a what initially appears like will be a set of 6 questions. I get very little explanation as to why I am being asked these questions. Sure, the language is nice and soft, yeah ‘everyone is different.’ However, I just want to get into the site, what purpose do these questions serve before the entry point into the site?

I also realise that I have been slightly tricked. In fact each step has 2 sub questions, so I’m not going to be asked 6 questions but 12 questions, each with no explanation as to why they are being asked.

By the time I get to the fourth question, I’m already fed up, so I’m just guessing and skimming to get myself to the end.

Once I get to the end, I am presented with a sign up page!

Sign Up Page

Sign Up Page

So I’ve spent about 5 minutes frustratingly getting through these questions and now I’m told I either sign up with Facebook or create an account, by this time I just want the quickest and easiest way to get me into the site. I select the Facebook option.

Right, now I’m in, great! However, as soon as I get in, my journey is immediately interrupted with a pop up.

Happiness Check

Happiness Check

By this point, I am so frustrated, I just click the ‘get rid of this as soon as possible’ option without even reading. I just want to see the content. Once you get past the ‘pay wall’, it is in fact a nice little site (it still has UX flaws) and a good concept.

So to conclude:

  • When creating a product, always keep your demographic in mind. Research has indicated that lengthy registration processes lead to massive frustrations and drop off rates. In the case of people with mental health issues, this may be exacerbated.
  • If you must insist they create an account, let them do that first before asking them a tonne of questions and then expecting them to ‘happily’ sign up.
  • Ask yourself, do I really need to ask all these questions before they can register or access the site/app? Can I whittle some of these down and ask them later, once they are members of the site?
  • If you must ask these questions, explain to the user why you are asking them and what purpose they serve.
  • Ask yourself, whether interrupting the user’s journey with a modal dialog (when they have just accessed your site) is really the best approach when they have most likely gone through a lengthy registration process.

Considering the app is called ‘Happify’ I did not feel ‘happy’ during the sign up process.

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